What to Expect When Expecting

She's been tired all day Body quite sore Stomach keeps cramping up badly Her head has been throbbing She's sorta dizzy And the nausea won't go away, sadly She feels a bit sick When she wakes up Like there's something going on in her tummy She knows what it's called "Morning sickness" And it means … Continue reading What to Expect When Expecting


WotW: Penchant

Penchant noun a strong inclination towards, liking for, or habit of doing something, especially something other people might not do “My penchant for instinctively correcting the pronunciations of others, regardless of who they are, has put me in many a sticky situation.” See how WotW originated here.

Public Speech

Take a breath Walk up the steps Try not to trip. Stammer over your opening line Someone laughs Your heart does a flip. Ignore them all, Just keep speaking Now try to meet their eyes. Get louder, clearer, Growing in confidence It gets easier, to your surprise. State all your points - Cool, calm, collected … Continue reading Public Speech