I enjoy writing. Sometimes it’s poems, sometimes stories, or sometimes just random thoughts that I put on paper. The things I post here have have generally always been written for a different purpose – whether a college assignment, a thought that just popped into my mind, something personal I felt like expressing, or some topic I saw somewhere which inspired me.

There’s no theme to what I write – it’s all pretty diverse. Most articles and stories are written in the first person. Most poems are too, but that first person is rarely me. I merely channel the person whose story I wish to tell. All recent posts have been published as as when I write them, while the older poems I’ve copied from my folder of previous writing, as it’s all stuff I’m proud of and would like to be read.

So I hope, if you’ve found your way here, that you’ll stay a while. Look through what’s on here, see if you like or dislike what you see. And please do let me know what you think, through a like or a comment, as that’s one simple way for me to improve.


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