It’s time to take the second step

The things that seem small and not that significant can actually make a difference. That article someone sent you about the pollution levels in your city right now? That video describing the correct, legal way of segregation you're expected to follow? The poster urging people not to burst fire-crackers, or the campaign about sharing the images of your eco-friendly celebrations? Even just this Facebook post about it all? They all matter. Even if they can change one person's opinion, THEY MATTER.

Today, I cried

Lately, I’ve cried a lot. I’ve cried tears of sadness, frustration, anger. I’ve cried out of a pure feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve cried in happiness. Tears help the emotions escape my body, and that makes me feel better. The first time I cried while on this journey, I cried with people. I cried hearing … Continue reading Today, I cried