Suddenly; already

Three whole years stretched out ahead of me So many people and experiences, all new Three years until I'd then have to decide What I next wanted to do. College is somewhere you enter unprepared Innocent, unexposed to the world Or well - that's how it was for me anyway As my limited world-view then … Continue reading Suddenly; already


On Religion and Reasons: Why Fast for Lent?

On Ash Wednesday this year, I made a decision that I had been avoiding for a few weeks. I decided that, for the first time since when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I would not be sacrificing anything or abstaining from anything during Lent this year. It was a decision I knew … Continue reading On Religion and Reasons: Why Fast for Lent?


It's windy and it's raining There's a nip that's in the air It's like something has shifted I feel Christmas everywhere. I'm wearing snowflake earrings Dressed in clothes of green and red Carols dominate my playlist Constantly in my head. That festive feeling fills me There's a sparkle in my eyes As we pull chits … Continue reading Sparkle