Transport Tales: On the Bus

Group of ladies On their way to work Or heading out for an afternoon Of fun, who knows? Pay for their tickets Get back their change A smooth transaction "All too familiar," someone sniggers Scattered through the bus Yet unbothered by the distance Calling out to each other Chatting, joking, One of them in splits … Continue reading Transport Tales: On the Bus


Blog Milestones: 1 year of blogging

I'll admit, I've not been the most regular blogger. Heck, I've written virtually nothing over the past few months. But this morning, I looked at the date and it struck me - today is an entire year since I first publicised this blog, making it open to the public and actively showing the world what … Continue reading Blog Milestones: 1 year of blogging


It's windy and it's raining There's a nip that's in the air It's like something has shifted I feel Christmas everywhere. I'm wearing snowflake earrings Dressed in clothes of green and red Carols dominate my playlist Constantly in my head. That festive feeling fills me There's a sparkle in my eyes As we pull chits … Continue reading Sparkle