Physical cringe

I think back to my childhood
The awkward teen I was
Before I hit puberty
I think of all my flaws

My straight-ish, style-less, frizzy hair
The acne on my cheeks
The braces that I wore for years
To straighten up my teeth

My short height, my skinny arms
My total lack of curves
The hair upon my arms and legs
More than most other girls

My caterpillar eyebrows
That phase of awkward fringe
Listing all these memories
Will always make me cringe.

But then I think of me today,
The person that I am
I’m just as awkward, clumsy, strange
And I don’t give a damn

My body size, my lack of curves
Haven’t changed all that much
The hair upon my arms and legs
Is prickly to the touch

The hair that grows upon my head
Though dyed and short and styled
Is falling out and oily,
Often unruly and wild.

I’m just as clumsy, sorta shy
As strange as I could be
But maybe that’s not really bad –
It’s my personality.

So I don’t regret the way I am
The way that I appear
I embrace it as a part of me
Accept it with no fear

Do you have such things you look back on
Things that you regret?
Well don’t, they’re just not worth it
Move on and forget.

Do you still hate the way you are
Feel you’re not good enough?
Don’t care so much ’bout little things
It’s all such silly stuff.

Love the person that you are
The person that you’ve been
Change for the better, if you wish
Be comfortable in your own skin.

via Daily Prompt: Cringe

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