Physical cringe

I think back to my childhood The awkward teen I was Before I hit puberty I think of all my flaws My straight-ish, style-less, frizzy hair The acne on my cheeks The braces that I wore for years To straighten up my teeth My short height, my skinny arms My total lack of curves The … Continue reading Physical cringe

A Separation: Film Review

A couple whose differing views have led them to consider divorce. A daughter caught between the two parents. An ailing, ageing parent who requires time and energy. A pregnant woman stuck in a job that makes her uncomfortable, in order to support her family. The basic plot lines of the 2011 Iranian drama ‘A Separation’ … Continue reading A Separation: Film Review

Public Speech

Take a breath Walk up the steps Try not to trip. Stammer over your opening line Someone laughs Your heart does a flip. Ignore them all, Just keep speaking Now try to meet their eyes. Get louder, clearer, Growing in confidence It gets easier, to your surprise. State all your points - Cool, calm, collected … Continue reading Public Speech