There are problems with my society

I should not have to look both sides
Before I cross a one-way road,
Or hesitate on a pavement because
Bikes have claimed it as their own.

I shouldn’t have to manoeuvre
Open drains on every street
Or drive through the same old pot-holes
That only get worse every week.

I shouldn’t be afraid to go
Outside because it’s night,
Or have to share my cab details
Just to feel safe, every time.

I should be able to hold hands
And hug, and kiss a cheek,
Without my character being judged
By all the old aunties.

I should not need to specify
My sexuality,
Or explain or change the clothes I wear
To please society.

I should be able to wear tight jeans
Or a dress above the knee
Without being sexualised and cat-called
For being “too slutty”.

If I’m walking down a road
I don’t want to see you pee.
I don’t want to see you jerking off
As I feel your eyes on me.

I don’t want to hear you clear your throat
As you spit right near my feet.
I shouldn’t need to tell you to use a bin
And not litter on every street.

So many things I should not do
So many things I wish I could
But I suppose it’s harsh reality
My society’s just not very good.

I know we all appreciate certain things about the place we come from; for instance, I love the weather in Bangalore. I love the people I know in Bangalore. I love the many great places I have to go eat and drink and spend time with friends. But when I compare the things I love to the things I hate (the traffic, the roads, the mindset) I feel like that love is really quite superficial. And I feel ashamed. Ashamed that this poem is entirely accurate, and based on experiences I have had. Ashamed that this truly is the place I come from. Ashamed that this is the place I associate myself with, and this is the place I call home.

There are problems with my society. And I truly wish that we could fix them.

9 thoughts on “There are problems with my society

  1. I think there are things everyone can find wrong about the place they live. We in the UK have terrible potholes, too and people who spit, people who drop litter, people who refuse to pick up their dog’s poo, people who make you just a little afraid as you walk along the road, especially after dark – and I live in a very middle-class, refined town! Take care and keep well. If you can make just one other person see that those things are wrong and they make someone else see, soon everyone will see and it will change!


  2. I understand. A heartfelt poem justaplatypus. I enjoyed it. I’ve learned that no matter where you go there will be disadvantages. Sometimes truth is sad. Keep up the good work.


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