Public Speech

Take a breath
Walk up the steps
Try not to trip.
Stammer over your opening line
Someone laughs
Your heart does a flip.

Ignore them all,
Just keep speaking
Now try to meet their eyes.
Get louder, clearer,
Growing in confidence
It gets easier, to your surprise.

State all your points –
Cool, calm, collected
Finish off with a smile.
You spoke well,
Doubt they could tell
Your heart was racing all the while.

You like to speak,
Address a crowd
Yet it terrifies you all the same.
If only you
Could be like those
Who confidently embrace the fame.

On the other hand
There is that group
Who’d rather be anywhere but here.
The thought of a stage
Makes them tremble and shake,
Literally quaking in fear.

I’m satisfied
With my public speech,
My ability to orate.
If I could just lose the jitters,
Be more sure of myself,
As a public speaker, I’d be great.


via Daily Prompt: Relieved

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