part 3: reflection

And so, for four weeks this journey's gone on It's rushed past at times, yet it's been so so long Since I walked through this gate Since I took up this task I've found answers to questions I might never have asked I taught a class for a day And it wasn't that big a … Continue reading part 3: reflection

part 2: immersed

Part 1 School Morning alarms as your eyes had barely closed Searching for answers to questions your kids posed Last-minute morning meeting plans on the way As the bus rocked us to sleep every single day And we'd reach and be jolted out of that nap And walk down to school where we'd plan and … Continue reading part 2: immersed


It's windy and it's raining There's a nip that's in the air It's like something has shifted I feel Christmas everywhere. I'm wearing snowflake earrings Dressed in clothes of green and red Carols dominate my playlist Constantly in my head. That festive feeling fills me There's a sparkle in my eyes As we pull chits … Continue reading Sparkle