part 1: overwhelmed

Induction week

Alone, excited, nervous
Slightly overwhelmed
Such a huge new opportunity
But I was prepared

First time out of home
Determined to do my best
Got to campus, all alone
What was coming I’d never have guessed.

An overwhelming number of people
Pushed outta my comfort zone
Many introductions, new faces, new names
Who I’d forget the moment they were gone

And the vision, the mission; we were on the path
Being introduced to the places we’ll go
Feelings of belongingness, feelings of pride
These feelings I now truly know.

“What are you feeling?” Shaheen would ask.
Are you overwhelmed yet? Well, duh
That opening week, those introductory sessions
Had me feeling more feelings than normal for sure.

And we heard from the kids, who’d been through it all
And I vowed to see more of the same
In my own classroom, impacted by me
Rising from no opportunities to perhaps even fame

And they welcomed us with cheers of “fellows you’re so fine”
And threw at us firkis and love
And the lump in my throat grew and it grew
And burst forth in tears from above

Part 2: immersed

Part 3: reflection

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