Breeds of doggos all around

“What’s your favourite breed of dog?”
They asked, out of the blue.
“I love them all,” I said of course
“But how am I to choose?”

“Labs I’ve found most lovable
From back when I was small.
They’re so playful, full of life
Shiny coats and tongues that loll.

And of course, retrievers,
With their shaggy golden fur.
They’re so big and cuddly
The choice seems pretty clear.

But there are so many others too;
Another breed I can’t forget
Is little cocker spaniels,
Like Bella, my favourite dog yet.

I could list the breeds all day
German Shepherd, beagle, pug.
Big dogs, small dogs, medium ones,
I want to give them lots of hugs.

Yet somehow on all such lists
One breed always gets neglected
Sadly not as popularly loved
They’re often left, rejected.

The breed I talk about, of course,
Is the Indies, who are everywhere
We see them roaming on our streets
At the side of each road they’re there

And they’re just as sweet and lovable
As faithful as it gets
They deserve more love and appreciation
For being the under-rated best.


Below are a few images of some great dogs I know, like my best friend’s dog Bella, Bobo the fat Indie who lives outside my house, and is the closest I have ever come to owning a dog, and a few other lovable babies I have met over the past year.


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