part 2: immersed

Part 1


Morning alarms as your eyes had barely closed
Searching for answers to questions your kids posed
Last-minute morning meeting plans on the way
As the bus rocked us to sleep every single day
And we’d reach and be jolted out of that nap
And walk down to school where we’d plan and we’d map
Map out our priorities, plan all our goals
Establish our responsibilities and all of our roles
Big morning huddle, into LCs we’d split
Pumped up for the day – each moment? we owned it.

We taught different lessons, I found what I loved
Maintained love and patience as our kids pushed and shoved
With trackers and incentives and behaviour charts
Pokémon that got stronger and evolved due to stars
Some kids I’ll remember, some kids I might not
Some kids who were patient and some who just fought
Some who brought joy and stunned us with their work
And some who surprised us with a silent smirk

Our kids were a bundle, their numbers kept climbing
We planned for their classes, planned all our timing
Planned how to break down each simple instruction
Managed not to break down with each interruption
Met all their parents, went to each home
Resisted the urge to eat chicken and roam
It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve held on throughout
Managed to not just give up and shout
Holding onto our purpose, as each day’s come and gone
I’ve done a good job and I’ll keep going on.

Part 3