Breeds of doggos all around

"What's your favourite breed of dog?" They asked, out of the blue. "I love them all," I said of course "But how am I to choose?" "Labs I've found most lovable From back when I was small. They're so playful, full of life Shiny coats and tongues that loll. And of course, retrievers, With their … Continue reading Breeds of doggos all around

CUPA: A-dog-tion

On 25th November, seven year old Teddy found a new family after his year and a half stint at the second-chance adoption centre he had learned to call home. Like many of the other dogs at this centre, Teddy was a trauma rescue case. He’d been rescued in Kerala by animal welfare worker Sushma Prabhu, … Continue reading CUPA: A-dog-tion