What to Expect When Expecting

She’s been tired all day
Body quite sore
Stomach keeps cramping up badly

Her head has been throbbing
She’s sorta dizzy
And the nausea won’t go away, sadly

She feels a bit sick
When she wakes up
Like there’s something going on in her tummy

She knows what it’s called
“Morning sickness”
And it means that she’ll soon be a mummy

As the days pass
She grows to expect
To feel dizzy and often quite tired

She always needs to pee
Can be quite grumpy
And her brain seems quite differently wired

Hey body changes shape
Heavier all around
As her boobs and tummy can be seen to bounce

Her belly grows larger
Day by day
Expanding in small amounts

It’s her very first time,
First child to be born
And she finds herself often reflecting

On what it will be like
On her expectations
On what to expect when expecting!

via Daily Prompt: Expect

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