From Dusk Till Dawn

I’m in love
Want to spend the day with you
Wake up together
Do things together too
As the day goes on
I wanna be with you
From dusk till dawn.

Days run into weeks
Spent with each other
I wish to never leave your side
But I worry that I smother
Yet I have no doubts at all
There will never be another
With me
From dusk till dawn.

Planning the future
I’ll live it by your side
Sometimes dull, sometimes exciting
Sure to be a crazy ride
But it could never go bad
Not even if we tried
We’ll have a happy ending
Take it all in our stride
From dusk till dawn.

Talks of death and old age
Have always made me sad
Though they’re so far away
And in actuality I’m quite glad
That I know you’ll be around till then
More than just a passing fad
You’re mine to stay, infinitely,
From dusk till dawn.


(Yes, this post was inspired by Zayn’s new song which I came across about an hour ago. It wasn’t a complete coincidence that I chose the same title, but the rest of it is pretty much entirely mine.)

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