Educate my country – but first educate the system

It’s so highly talked about
The education in our country
Its perks, its flaws, that it exists
Its prevalence.
Its lack of.
The systems that we follow,
And those we try to cheat.
The ideas we have borrowed
The intentions we repeat.

The way we teach our children
Make them well aware and wise
The way we teach the masses
Or do we?
Stats say otherwise

We force-feed them with knowledge
That they will not retain
But they swallow it
Just barely digest
Then regurgitate it.
Spit it right back out,
Barely having tasted
No better off for having eaten,
Showing no real gain.

It’s the content that we teach
It’s the way in which it’s taught
Memorise it for a test
and then it’s all forgot
What’s the point of all this information
Over 12 years that they’ve got
If they delete it from their brains right after
It’s truly all for naught.

So when you learn, try to relate
Try to understand
Find meaning in the syllabus
That makes you want to learn.
Find ways that you’ll remember
Things you actually wish to know
Maybe then this education
Will mean something more.

And if you teach,
Then do the same
Make you students care.
Let them study for a greater good
Than boards marks they can boast about
For the short span before they too
Are all forgotten.

The trend now is to study more
To mug up, ratta, swot.
But beyond what we learn in school
One more lesson we must learn.
We cannot beat the system
We need not beat the system
We must use the system in the best way
That we know to do.


I tried to keep this from getting too heavy, but the education system of today that I have experienced and continue to experience in the society around me clearly has some flaws. Primarily, the focus is on marks and memorising facts for the exams, and not on learning. These conditions make it difficult even for those who are otherwise considered bright.
On a brighter note, if you do have problems with memorising things, I have another post with a number of tips on the same! Do follow if you found either of these interesting, and would like to keep getting notified when I post 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Educate my country – but first educate the system

  1. I love this! My interpretation is the way the 1st world feels like its knows what is best for the 3rd world when really, all that is needed is education. But education today is so systemised that it is almost impossible for different types of smartness to shine! Hopefully, this can change in the future..


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