Suddenly; already

Three whole years stretched out ahead of me
So many people and experiences, all new
Three years until I’d then have to decide
What I next wanted to do.

College is somewhere you enter unprepared
Innocent, unexposed to the world
Or well – that’s how it was for me anyway
As my limited world-view then unfurled.

Changes in friendships, in classmate dynamics
Changes in what I valued most
I found interests and passions, things that I loved
Small accomplishments of which I could boast.

Social changes, wide range of exploits
Baby steps growing bigger day by day
Dating, a boyfriend, dyeing my hair,
Getting drunk (but not high – no way!)

Joined an association, formed a club
Gradually made my way to the top
Discovered new music, watched films and shows
Interned, volunteered, wrote a lot

A happening three years, passed way too fast
Now the end’s staring me in the face
Plans for next year, too many goodbyes
As we prepare to leave this place.

Ten working days, then a break, then exams
How it’s happened so fast I don’t know
Suddenly these years have come to an end
Suddenly it’s time to go.

via Daily Prompt: Suddenly

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