Goals for 2017: Before I turn 21

It's a bit late in the year to be setting goals, I am aware, but a lot of these have been ongoing for a while; I'm just making a conscious decision to post about them because I've realised I have only 2.5 months left in the year, and I want to make sure they're productive … Continue reading Goals for 2017: Before I turn 21


Blog Milestones: 100 followers!

I got a hundred followers on my blog this week! It's been an exceptionally active week for me on WordPress. I wrote a post analysing a story that was relevant to a class I take, so I shared that link and got a lot of views through it. I wrote more regularly, having a lot of … Continue reading Blog Milestones: 100 followers!

The Coming of the Christ-Child: Detailed Analysis

About the author: Bessie Head was born to a mentally unstable white woman, Bessie Amelia Emery, and a black father who she never knew. Due to the racial taboo, and her mother's unstable state, she was adopted and grew up with different "coloured parents". Head faced a lot of problems in society due to her heritage, … Continue reading The Coming of the Christ-Child: Detailed Analysis

WotW: Penchant

Penchant noun a strong inclination towards, liking for, or habit of doing something, especially something other people might not do “My penchant for instinctively correcting the pronunciations of others, regardless of who they are, has put me in many a sticky situation.” See how WotW originated here.