Blog Milestones: 100 followers!

I got a hundred followers on my blog this week!

It’s been an exceptionally active week for me on WordPress. I wrote a post analysing a story that was relevant to a class I take, so I shared that link and got a lot of views through it. I wrote more regularly, having a lot of ideas and actually taking out time to write about them because (owing to exams) I don’t currently have daily college, and so I have a lot more time to procrastinate. I wrote about something that I feel strongly about, and liked it enough that I shared the link on my personal Facebook account (something I don’t do very often). I linked to a few Daily Post prompts, and I shared my latest links on the Community Pool, which is definitely my favourite platform to meet new bloggers. And all this effort certainly paid off!

I must admit, sometimes I get overly encouraged/discouraged by the number of views I get on WordPress, which will cause me to either put in a lot more effort to keep up the good stats of the week, or cause me to be discouraged and lose my enthusiasm briefly. Combined with all the other things that keep me busy, this definitely means that I’m not the most regular blogger. I have incredibly active months, and very inactive months. And I’ve gradually grown to acknowledge that that’s alright. It’s okay, because I’m still writing when I have something to say. It’s okay, because I don’t really have any set expectations to meet. And it’s okay, because as I balance this blog with the rest of my work, I’m always coming back sooner or later. And I will continue to write, and I will continue to grow.

Thank you all, if you’re following me, so so very much. It means a lot to me to know that so many people from different places actually care to read the thoughts of one bored 20 year old living in India. Thank you, if you’ve left likes and comments, because they truly brighten my day. And while it probably didn’t mean anything special to you, thanks especially to the 6 people who have followed me since Tuesday, pushing me over this 100 mark milestone. It pushes me to grow, and I appreciate you very much.

As a blogger, what’s the last milestone you reached? What’s one you’re aiming for now? Do you pay a lot of attention to your stats, or write with no concern for them? Also, I’d love to know how you came across my blog, and what you like about it. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

41 thoughts on “Blog Milestones: 100 followers!

  1. Congratulations, good job:)
    I am a new blogger, started writing since 14th of January this year, been a month. I write & post everyday. Have got a total of 75 followers, 401 likes and around 60 comments with around 3000 views. I am still not aware of a lot of things related to blogs, trying to figure out how it works. – That’s my website, do read a few blogs and let me know how you find them.


  2. Congratulations! I’m so glad I discovered your site. I’m a new blogger and some of my posts have hit the magical 100 likes, but it’s very sporadic. If it’s not too much of a personal question, can I ask how long it took you to achieve your milestone?


    1. 100 likes? Wow that’s incredible, my viewership is far far less than that on each individual post.
      I made my blog public in Jan 2017, although it was in Mar-Apr that I became active and actually began to interact with other bloggers, so I guess about 7 months?
      Good luck with your blog too!

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      1. I’m sorry to deceive you but they are fake likes . Let me explain : some people come to your blog just to “like” whatever you posted just to get your attention on them. Plus I’m here since 3 years so 80% of the likes are fake. I’m sorry .


      2. Hmmmm the only thing you can do is to make yourself known in the community pool, plus be active in other people’s blog , you will certainly have more followers and “likes”. I hope this helps


      3. What do you mean by never been able to ?
        Try adding things to your blog , new ideas.
        I’ve heard that 1 topic blog works very well actually. But you need time to make yourself known.


      4. You’re welcome. Another idea…. changing the name of your blog by something more….healthy may attract other bloggers and adding a more medical picture too? It’s just an idea.


  3. Congratulations on the milestone. To answer all your questions my last milestone was when I reached 100 views on my blog in one day. Usually, I range around 10 to 30 per day so that was a big deal. I kind of knew that was coming because I had posted in community pool and that gives me my most views but then the other day I had 99 views in a day which I cannot really explain. I don’t really know what my next goal is but I know that I want to blog/create patterns for a living so I do often worry about my stats as they are the biggest indicator if I can do this or not.

    As for your blog, I came across your blog through community pool and I like that it is so relatable.


      1. I am struggling with that myself. I get 100 views very sparingly on my blog, but the other day I got almost 200 views and that was directly related to me guest blogging on another site. If you don’t already do this, maybe try guest blogging.


      2. Guest blogging is writing blog posts for other blogs and websites in the hopes of gaining traffic from that blog. Since your blog deals with health and fitness all you would need to do is searching in google something like “health and fitness guest blogging.” Luckily, health and fitness is a popular topic online so there should be a lot of opportunities for guest posts. Email the blog owner with either an idea for a blog post that you can contribute or an already written blog post. I did a quick search of with what I suggested you put in google and this came up:
        I hope this helps.


  4. Congrats on the milestone! 🎉 Got to your blog via community pool a couple of times.

    All your hard work paid off! And honestly, there will be times where you’re super enthusiastic about writing and getting more views/likes/follows, and other times where you feel blah. I try not to get discouraged by small amounts of views, etc., and I try not too look at my stats too often, and I’ve come to accept it. Like you, I just keep writing and working hard. It’s all part of the process. So keep writing and see you around! 🙂


  5. I have to second claireyangwrites, I think you liked a post of mine, and I just had to check out your blog based on your username 🙂 As for looking at stats, I probably pay too much attention to them for my own good. My current goal is to have 1,000 views for the month of October. Keep up the good writing!

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  6. Congratulation! I’m so glad to have come across your blog. 😀

    I feel the same way about the stats for my blog, which was why I wanted to know more about my followers. Which, was why I posted a few questions for them to answer on my 100 followers post. I don’t mind if others like, comment, share it or not on my post. I think that’s fine, but with views, it means that someone actually visited my post and read it. Overtime, I’ve come to accept the fact that some days, I will get a few stats or no stats at all and that’s okay, because I’m still learning and growing with my writing and that’s what my goal is.

    My last milestone was reaching 100 followers. Another milestone that I’m aiming for is having my first anniversary on WordPress.

    I came across your blog when you commented on one of my posts. If a blogger comments on my blog, I tend to notice them more, prompting me to visit their blogs sometimes. Plus, your username was awesome so I had to visit and find out what your blog was about. I’m glad I did, because your writing is fantastic and quite thoughtful. 😀

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    1. Comments like yours make me so happy! Glad you liked my username, as it was a very random decision based off a childhood nickname, and I’ve recently got appreciation for it which is quite nice. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting 😀

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  7. Got to your blog through the Daily Post Prompt. And I’d like to say congrats on this milestone. It’s a gradual process and you are progressing well. More followers will come as you keep blogging and posting good stuff. Cheers. 🙂

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