Bad day?

If you’re having a bad day, here are 20 things you could try doing to feel better. I know they’re all things that help me!

1. Eat some comfort food.

I personally usually stick to soft, buttered bread – but you can’t go wrong with chocolate!

2. Listen to some good music

^ My choice for today because I’m so happy he’s back and making such good music :”)

3. Do a photo shoot with any dog you know

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Do a photo shoot with any cat you know

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. Take a nap

6. Go for a walk, or a run, or cycle – whatever suits you best

Thinking of writing about my experiences running – would you be interested to read that?

7. Cuddle with someone (this one needs a volunteer)

8. Dress up, put on make-up, whatever makes you feel good


9. Get someone to do a photo shoot of you

And it can be as silly as you want, really

10. Or dress down; get into comfy clothes and climb into bed

11. Get something warm to eat/drink – especially if the weather is as rainy for you right now as it is over here!

I recommend hot chocolate, vanilla coffee, or just a hot bowl of Maggi… oh just talking about it is making me hungry

12. Watch a show you love

Here are some of my all-time favourite shows to return to and re-watch, what are yours?

13. Do something productive – knowing you’ve achieved something is often a great way to improve your mood

14. Look at the photos you took during #3 and #4
(Of course, if the subject is available you’re welcome to take more instead)

15. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. I know I have way too many people who fall into this list

16. Honestly, call someone you spend every day with. Some people you can never get tired of.

17. Read a book, magazine, newspaper, or some poetry

I recently read The God of Small Things and absolutely loved it.

18. Do something that you’re great at – absolutely anything

(I like to believe I’m good at writing, and I’m actually currently working on a review/analysis of The God of Small Things – stay tuned!)

19. On that note, write something. Maybe some work you have to do, maybe something fictional, maybe just write about your day. Let your thoughts and emotions flow onto the paper. Heck, if you’re into the idea, start a blog!

20. Make a list of 5 good things that have happened to you in the past few days, no matter how big or small. You’d be surprised how much of a difference that can make.

5 thoughts on “Bad day?

  1. I loved, “Do a photo shoot with any dog you know.” Now… where to find a pup. I’m not even having a bad day, but playing with dogs sure does always cheer me up. I loved all your suggestions!


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