Happy realisation

Sometimes you’re sitting somewhere
Doing something, it matters not
When you’re struck with realisation
About something that you’ve got.
It could be someone who matters
Who you’re just lucky that you know
It could be something silly
That you’d never noticed before.

But you’re hit out of the blue
Struck with sudden realisation
Of how they make your life much better
You’re filled with appreciation.
It may be something new
That you’ve only just acquired
Or it may be one you’ve always known
One you’ve always quite admired.

It might be things material
It might be people in your life
Could be someone who’s there through happy times
Or someone there through strife
Maybe it’s just an item
Overall inconsequential
But in that moment, suddenly
It feels to you, essential.

When I woke up this morning
I saw something that made me smile
Just a message from someone
Whom I’ve had around for a while.
I felt love and appreciation
Even more than I usually do
For just being so dependable
And so good and kind and true.

Then I looked at my kitten-
Well no, she’s now a cat
And though it’s been a year
I still marvelled that
She’s mine, she’s ours, she’s in my home
She’s a bundle of joy, and I can call her my own
She’s soft and she’s warm and she’s covered with fur
She makes me so happy even I want to purr.

So on a normal morning
Hectic, tired, stressed
Stop for a few minutes
To realise you’re blest
Find the things that matter
That warm and fill your heart
And appreciate, just love them
That’s when your day should start.

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