The ‘Light’ness of Living

Larry’s first memories began in darkness. There was something hard and square on all sides of him, leaving him with no space to move. This, as he would soon learn, was his box. Surrounding this box were hundreds of other such boxes, packed tightly against each other in the loud, systematic chaos of the factory they lived in.

It was when the boxes were shifted from the factory to their next home that Larry became aware of something beyond his dark cardboard confines. The slit on the top of his box let in a bright, wonderful light, and Larry was in awe. What was this source of illumination, this shimmering, warm being? Larry wished for nothing more than to escape his small box and experience perennial light.

His neighbours from two shelves over had some interesting tales to tell, and could always get Larry charged up with excitement. The bright being was called the sun, and it appeared to make the humans happy. They all just seemed to collapse when it went away. “And humans,” they told Larry, “rule the world. They made us, and they decide when we get to leave this room.” Everyone in here had come from different backgrounds, and everyone left at some point, but once they left they never returned. Any box who was ever picked always left with an amalgamation of excitement and nervousness, desperate to know what lay outside.

Larry himself was incredibly drawn to the outside, to the light. It excited him to no end to hear new stories, which left him with an electrifying feeling of happiness. He heard tales of all sorts, from the long boxes next door who declared themselves fans of the outdoors, and the small boxes who considered themselves very important. They appeared to be highly demanded by the people, and thus always tried to charge Larry for their stories. Even the large cold box that had come in last week had something to say about the outside world, declaring “ah it’s too hot out there… you all gotta be cool like me…”

One morning, Larry awoke with a shock as he was thrown against the side of his little box. The clink of glass could be heard as he and his family prepared himself for what was to come next. They were taken out of there storage, split into smaller groups, and finally found themselves on a new shelf. And oh, what a shelf it was. There was light all around, and Larry got his first true glimpse of the world. In wonder he watched his surroundings every single day, glad to have escaped the darkness that his life had been. He never wished to leave here.

Little did Larry know, his journey was far from over. When he was picked up one day, and unceremoniously shoves into a bag, he feared that the light period of his life was over. He waited for the end, baffled and terrified as he was shifted around, then taken out of his box, and then screwed onto something. Confused, Larry blinked his eyes as he felt a new sense of life within him. Something was different. He felt all warm inside, and sort of glow-y. He could see bright light all around him, and he was happy.

His work done, the electrician switched the newly-fixed light back off and left the room.

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