Don’t bottle up your darkest thoughts

Don’t bottle up your darkest thoughts
Express them and get help
So many people care for you
You’re not all by yourself.

There’s always someone listening
If you just know where to look
Tell someone what you’re thinking
Or even write it in a book

Somebody always cares, you know,
A parent, teacher, friend
Somebody who looks up to you
Whose love for you won’t end.

You may have thought about it
Ending your life one day
That it won’t matter if you’re gone
And everyone will be okay.

Who said that you’re not worth it?
Who said that they won’t care?
For let me say you will be missed
By so many people, I swear.

The people whom I love the most
(You know who I’m talking to)
I value you immensely
Can’t imagine life sans you.

And so we are all loved, you see
For as I love you so
You all have love for others
And thus the circle grows and grows

Now I may not have experience
I have no professional claim
But I truly believe it in my heart
And to everyone, I’m saying

If you have thoughts that scare you
If you don’t love your life
If you have ever hurt yourself
To rid yourself of strife

Don’t keep those feelings bottled up
Don’t dwell on your dark thoughts
Tell somebody who cares for you
It can help you lots

Tell someone who can help you
Remind you that they’re there
Help you through your darker times
When you fall into despair

And go to a professional
There’s a reason they exist
They can really, truly help you
Be it counsellor or therapist

Learn to love yourself
And find others who love you
Your life is full of promise
Live it the best that you can do.

via Daily Prompt: Bottle


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