Percabeth, my OTP

“You drool when you sleep”
Were the first words she said
When he woke up, plunged into this world
That seemed to want him dead.

In contrast to his ‘seaweed brain’
She was confident and wise
Her long blonde hair misleading
And her challenging grey eyes.

Pretty soon they became a team
That no one could defeat
Each new quest that came their way
Together they’d complete.

They faced the Furies, Aunty Em
A Chimera, Crusty and more
And all this on their very first quest
With so much more in store.

He rescued her from Atlas
They saved Grover together
Both gave up immortality
For each other, forever.

“Be careful, Seaweed Brain,” she said
The first time that they kissed
They’ve saved each other several times
Much more than I can list.

They’d be there for each other
No matter what the cost
She was the only thing he knew
When his entire memory was lost.

Finally reunited
Now he’d never leave her side
Gaea’d never hurt them
No matter how she tried.

They braved the depths of Tartarus
Keeping each other sane
Together they could make it out
And together they’d remain.

Percabeth’s my one true pairing
My fictional OTP
They got their happy ending
And that’s the best ending for me.


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