unApologetic fangirl

From as far back as as when I first discovered the term “fangirl”, I have related to it. I think I belong to a large number of fandoms, be it books, YouTube channels, TV shows, movies or musicians, and I can be a very intense, often passionate fangirl in several aspects. Get me talking about my latest obsession, and to the surprise of all those who know me as a calm, quiet person, I will speak about it for hours on end.

I’ve certainly had my phases with several different franchises, but the one I currently get most excited about is a TV show that I have been following for years which will be finally coming to an end in 3 weeks – Pretty Little Liars. Yes, you may sigh and shake your head (or just look on in confusion, if you’re a little older and have escaped this silly teen drama altogether), but I am an unapologetic fan of the series and absolutely cannot wait for the final reveal.

For anyone who has never watched or heard of this series, it’s based on a series of books by Sara Shepard based around the lives of 4 high school girls and their missing best friend. The girls are tortured by an anonymous character “A”, who mysteriously knows all the secrets in their lives and who blackmails them continuously using these. The show draws from this basic idea but has taken an entire new spin, creating new characters, new revelations, and new twists. It has been criticised primarily for its long-drawn, overly complicated story-line, ridiculous number of crazy reveals, and for introducing too many sub-plots which can never truly all be tied together, but now, 3 episodes from the series finale, I am one of the fans who is eagerly awaiting the revelation of “AD”, amidst a number of other mysteries.

With each new episode comes a new set of clues, a new promo for the following week, and a huge number of new theories that pop up on my YouTube recommended videos – and I watch them all. I have read, watched, thought of and talked about nearly every single theory there is – and I’m still constantly wondering what the finale will bring. Naturally, it worries me that after all the hype I have built up for it, I may be disappointed, but I shall place my hopes in producer and showrunner Marlene King and wait and watch.

And of course, in the meantime I have the entire new season of Orange is the New Black to binge-watch!


via Daily Prompt: Revelation


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