A New Home (1)

Proud mother
“Look, I made 5
But now you can leave
I must lick them again.”

Tired mother
All day they drink milk
She’s sore and exhausted
But she cleans them up nice.

Happy mother
“It’s that human we trust
She brings me food
She can touch my babies.”

Wary mother
“Who are all these people?
Back away please
My babies need rest now.”

Confused mother
The humans have left now
But something is wrong
Someone is missing

Sad mother
“I’ve licked only three
But where have the rest gone
Why won’t they come back?”

Brave mother
“These three still need me
I’ll comfort them now
They’ll grow up happy.”

Hopeful mother
Sure they’re alright
She’ll always remember them
Dream of them every night

To her they’re just missing
They could be hurt
But she likes to believe
They’ve found a new home.

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