The Worst Class in the School

“Why can’t you be more like the other classes?”
The teacher pleaded in woe.
“How many times to ask you to behave?
Yet you all continuously ignore.”

“It wasn’t our fault,” the students all chorused.
“They’re biased against us, you know.
They come here so sure we’ll be noisy and bad
Even before they have entered the door.

So if even one person speaks out of turn
Or drops something onto the floor.
The teachers use it as their excuse to not teach
Or say that we’ve ruined their flow.

You know we’re not truly as bad as they say
It’s exaggerated to seem like much more.
Sometimes the problem is not with the students
It’s the teachers – and they need to go!

Our English teacher makes grammatical errors
Our History prof is a bore
Our psychology lecturer puts us to sleep
And then he complains if we snore!

Please, give us a chance to prove what we’re saying,
We’ll be good” the students all swore.
We’d messed up back then, but we’ve improved since
Don’t punish us for so long ago.”

“I don’t buy a word of your story
It’s your very last chance, you be sure.
You’re known for these lies, throughout the whole school
By each teacher who’s taught you before.”


via Daily Prompt: Notorious


p.s. this post was inspired by several of my classes in school, when we were unanimously the ones most hated by all the teachers. It was generally for good reason, but we certainly suffered even when we were not at fault, due to the reputation we had build for ourselves. I hated being victimised by the teachers, but also felt so much sympathy for them on various occasions, so I tried to depict both sides of the story!

2 thoughts on “The Worst Class in the School

  1. I liked this. Especially since I taught forever! There are classes labeled as “bad.” I’ve certainly had them. But it isn’t the “whole” and good teachers know that. You did a nice job with this.


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