PB Chronicles (I)

I met the love of my life in my first year of college. We were in the same class, and barely interacted at first. He says he’d found me attractive from the very beginning, but in truth I only knew him as ‘the boyfriend of that girl who this new friend of mine is friends with’.

We did spend some time together in a big group a few times, though, all members of this new large class trying to find people we wanted to spend the next 3 years with, and between leaving college to eat rolls and donuts for lunch (and getting caught in the rain coming back), a group selfie taken outside Forum Mall (which was his FB cover picture for a while), and talking about what animals we relate each other to (and him comparing me to a toad from Naruto), I do have a few memories with him before we became friends.

I bumped into him one day as I was waiting to catch the bus back home, and he invited me to come with him to a friend’s house to work on something together. It was random, I’m pretty shy, and I had no clue who the friend was, but something told me to go along in the spirit of being sociable. I had a pretty great time, and once my social awkwardness kicked in I politely excused myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to talk to him.

On August 2nd, I was thrilled to notice the lyrics of an Alt-J song as his WhatsApp status. Excitedly – and always looking for a way to start casual conversation with a new friend – I texted him. By two weeks later, I’d say we were friends. He came for a surprise birthday brunch that we threw for a couple of our other friends, and I found myself talking to him throughout. He treated our same friend group to lunch on his birthday later that week, and (although I was unaware of it at the time) got jealous when another boy put his arm around me for the group picture we took at the end. He was sad and getting over a recent heartbreak, but when we spent time together it didn’t feel like it.

Two days later, on 28th August, I texted him to ask him if he wanted tickets to a party a group of us was going to. The conversation began that night, carried on to the next day, and to this day, it has never ended.


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