What scares you most?

Are you scared of bugs and beetles
Or fluffy dogs that bark?
Are you scared of enclosed spaces
Or dentists and the dark?

Do you have a fear of spiders?
Are you afraid of heights?
Is it a fear of the supernatural
That keeps you up at night?

I’m not scared of animals,
Spiders or roaches or bees.
But if there’s a lizard in the house
I cannot be at ease.

I may have claustrophobia,
Horror movies terrify me.
Breaking rules always leaves me on edge
And don’t let me be judged by society.

But if I truly give it thought
These are things I can ignore.
My truest deepest darkest fears
Are things I’ve not faced before.

Death makes me sad, it makes me scared,
Not knowing what’s to come.
Its unpredictability
Leaves me kind of numb.

The thought of being all alone
With no one left who cares.
No one I love has love for me-
Now that’s the stuff of nightmares.

Inability to make emotional connect,
The people I love, aloof;
The thought that they could just disappear,
Be gone some day, just poof

These are the things that scare me most,
That make me want to cry.
So if you’re someone who matters to me
Please try not to leave, or die.





What scares you most? Is it something physical, or do you have more existential fears? Do you think the latter can be considered more valid than the former?

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