Open up to you

I’m a private person
Don’t share much with others
Few people know me well
Just my sister and my brothers

Now I know you’re my friend
And so you ask me questions
But hey – please don’t
Just a small suggestion

Tell me about you instead
Show me you can be trusted
That if I tell you things about me
You won’t be disgusted

What if you hate me
What if you laugh
That’s how you reacted
To my old photographs

Yes, you say that was different
But to me it’s the same
So I’m in this dark corner
Hiding my face out of shame

Slowly you convince me
You make me feel good
I’ll show you my face
I take off my hood

And now I believe you
You’re not going to hurt me
I’ll reveal myself further
Unzip this coat slowly

It’s like I’ve peeled off a layer
Now my skin is exposed
And it feels oh so good
I’m no longer enclosed

In that dark, quiet room
In that space all alone
In that suit I once hid in
I’m no more on my own

It’s been so good
Being out, being me
I had almost forgotten
How it feels to be free

But now you’re being distant
Say we’re growing apart
Please do not do this
You’re breaking my heart

So I’ll pull on my jacket
Zip it up nice and tight
And crawl back to the silence
At least here I’m alright

via Daily Prompt: Zip


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