With her rather pudgy figure
And her small black beady eyes
She finds it hard to make new friends
No matter what she tries

She’s pretty warm and cuddly
Her hair is soft to touch
Although to be quite fair they say
She doesn’t have that much

She doesn’t know she’s different
She really cannot see
Why they call her what they do
“oh, what is wrong with me?”

And then one day it changes
She does something quite dumb
But she really couldn’t help it
She had gas caught in her tum.

She’s upset and quite embarrassed
Her cheeks flush rather pinker
Oh no, why did it have to be
So loud and such a stinker

The others are all mean to her
“You think you’re all just fine?
Well really dear, you’ve got to know
In truth, you’re just a swine.”

She sniffles back her sadness
And pushes back her shame
She knows that’s just the way she is
She’s got no one to blame.

But when you live on a farm
With animals small and big
It doesn’t help, that of all the species
You were born a pig!

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