If I spend a lot of time with you
It’s pretty clear to see
That lots of your quirks and traits
Begin to show in me.

It’s often quite unconscious
I don’t realise what I do
Till someone points out that I’m speaking
In the same way as you.

It impacts how I speak
The kind of language that I use
It changes how I text as well
And leaves others confused.

I learn new ways of doing things
My opinions on stuff may change
I’d never thought about that person
But now I think they’re strange.

It’s not just people who impact me thus
Through direct conversation
It’s also shows and books and songs
Each for a short duration.

I sing my haiku in a certain tune
Jacksfilms fans will know
And my sister’s got me to a point
Where I always call her bro

I drop all of my articles
I declare things “not okay”
I pronounce certain words differently
Because someone says them that way.

I do these things and many more
They are what makes me ‘me’
All these many aspects combined
Make my personality.

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