“I like your bag”

If you pass someone on the street and really like their bag, tell them. If you think the girl in your college class has amazing hair, let her know that. If you appreciate something of someone’s, and think it makes a good compliment, go for it!

This is something I started doing a few years ago, when I realised how happy it makes me when people appreciate things of mine. Whether it’s good friends, acquaintances or people I barely know, it always makes me feel good to receive a compliment. whether it’s for something that I’ve done, something I have, or how I look. So I decided to turn it around, and when I like something of someone’s, rather than just whispering it to a friend, I go and tell them.

I know it could be considered weird; after all, a stranger approaching you in a shop to say you have a nice smile borders on creepy. It’s also probably far more socially acceptable for me as a girl to appreciate other girls, while if a guy tried to do it, it would be considered inappropriate. I really do wish there was a way to draw the line between this, and the far more unacceptable cat-calling, as it would just make for such a pleasant society. Any complimenting that makes the person uncomfortable is not generally okay, but once again, it may often be hard to draw the line.

So what I’m trying to say is, be nice. If you have a harmless compliment, and think it should make the other person feel good, tell them. If you think it seems a little strange, or you’re in a setting where it may be perceived as inappropriate, then maybe don’t. But let’s all try our best to spread some positivity, and make someone’s day a little better if we can.

What do you think? Are you someone who tells strangers such things, or do you prefer to keep them to yourself? And do you like receiving compliments, or do they make you uncomfortable? We’re all pretty used to strangers compliments online, but how would you react to it in real life?


4 thoughts on ““I like your bag”

  1. I do that too, sometimes even with strangers, when I can muster that kind of courage, because I know it makes people happy.

    Compliments on myself or my skills make me uncomfortable, I never know how to react to them although I am getting better. Compliments on my stuff are different: it’s like they aren’t directed at me but at the designer, so I can only agree; I bought the thing because I liked it in the first place. ^_^


  2. Someone literally complimented my bag the other day when I was that the mall and it seriously made my day 🤣 I always compliment people in school but some are straight up rude. 🙄


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