Baby steps

Try new things.
Some that you want to,
Some you maybe don’t.
Take a step.
Give it a shot.

Be open to more.
Eat new, exotic food
Listen to more music
Visit strange and wonderful places
Watch different movies and shows
Experience things you’ve shied away from before.

You feel dull? Dye your hair.
Wear something wacky.
Try an adventure sport.
Want more exposure? Read a new book.
Meet new people.
Learn about a new religion.
You can start small. Baby steps.

Want to be with someone? Talk to him. Make conversation. Find shared interests. Ask him out.
Build up to it.
Want some typical silly teenage experiences? Bunk one class. Do one shot. Make friends with strangers. Go on a road trip.
Be safe, start small.
And then climb.

Create a ladder for yourself.
One step at a time.
Baby steps.
Set goals.
Have inspiration.
Have people to do it with.
But stay grounded.

Remember, your ladder always rests on the ground.
Nothing prevents you from stopping to rest.
We’re climbing, not flying.
So hold on tight.
Try not to fling yourself off.
And enjoy the ride.

via Daily Prompt: Climbing

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