“I love you more”

Her love for him was limitless,
Far more than she knew to express
She’d tell him daily, she loved him so
And he assured her, he loved her more.

Both pretty stubborn, they’d never let
The other “win” this silly bet.
At any chance they got they’d show
How they loved the other more.

If she ever started a silly fight
They always quickly made it right
Then he’d declare, with a sly smile
That he’d won, for a little while.

And so it went, in every case
The most conflict that they would face
He was sure his love was more
And it was hers, she always swore.

She’d never agree with his views
She just wasn’t willing to lose.
Did he think she loved him less?
These questions go both ways, I guess.

Now if only there was a way
To “measure” their love, so to say
To check who loved the other more
Would they do it? And what would it show?

via Daily Prompt: Measure

8 thoughts on ““I love you more”

  1. I really like the way the way you think.
    Loved the poem too.
    ” If only there was a way to MEASURE their love”
    Hoping to read more posts soon.


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