Their relationship was a whirlwind from the very beginning.

They met, and she was swept away by how cool he looked – like a celebrity, with those stylish sunglasses he wore everywhere – how calm-headed and well-grounded he seemed, and how cute his dog was. He seemed to love that dog an incredible amount, and would have let her lead him anywhere.

She was excited and her parents proposed marriage, he agreed enthusiastically in return. Sitting in the park one morning, she mused aloud “We seem so compatible… can you see anything that could go wrong?”
“I really can’t,” he assured her.

At the chapel where the small ceremony took place, they took each other’s hands and each vowed to love and cherish the other for the rest of their lives, regardless of anything. “I will love you blindly, through thick and thin, in sickness and health…” he promised her.

“Doesn’t he look amazing?” she asked her friends.
“Yeah, a true sight to see,” one of them sniggered. But she missed the jibe, lost amidst dreams and fantasies of love.

It was only late that night, when she saw him take his glasses off for the first time, that she finally realised.


via Daily Prompt: Blindly

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