My friends tell me I excel
at giving advice.
About matters of love and life.
They come to me with problems,
arguments, fights.
I do my best to make it all alright.

When they’re sad I try my best
to make it better.
Ensure they’re happier.
I ask questions and tell them
what I would like to hear.
If it helps, I’m not so sure.

When I got sad I used to spill
everything to everyone.
Talk it out till it was done.
Now I find, more often than not
I prefer to dwell alone
Then when I’m fine, I reach for the phone.

I know who I can count on,
though, when I do want to talk
They’re there for me around the clock.
I’m sure that they know
I’m there for them too
But does it really help, what I do?

Maybe I’m too objective
and I focus on the facts.
Trying to find a way to make them relax.
Sometimes I forget about the emotional parts
Often my words haven’t really consoled
Or so I’ve been told.

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