Let’s bring the champion back

Predictably, I picture an athlete. Famous sports players, my favourites to watch. Friends who are skilled. Myself as an athlete, haha, I wish. If only I could play sports.
I do run though, or rather I ran. Past tense. On a regular basis at one time. But I’ve become lazy, I no longer have the motivation for it. Those days of timing my 1500 meters every evening are gone.
Father-daughter bonding time, striving to beat each other’s best timing each week. Pushing myself to limits that I knew I could certainly beat. Running, sweating, training. Preparing for that one race during school sports day that I knew would be mine, if for no reason other than a lack of competition. I’d come third the previous year, my first time running that great a distance. I knew it just needed some practice.
I came first that year, by quite a margin. The one and only gold medal I’ve ever won in my life. And I didn’t run nearly as fast as I could have. Yet, I felt like a champion.

I should get back to running, shouldn’t I? I should bring that champion back.

via Daily Prompt: Champion

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