Growing up in Colour

Everybody knows
The phase that little girls go through
They wear frilly dresses and play with barbies and pink is their favourite colour.

Boys have a similar phase.
Toy cars and balls and blue things.
Then they transition into older colours, green and black, sometimes red.

Girls move on from pink, after some years
They’re older now, no longer as innocent.
They now wear skirts.

I remember the transition.
It felt special to have the updated answer to the typical “what’s your favourite colour?”
I felt older, more mature
Pink is for babies, I thought. I’m a big girl now.

I grew fond of dresses again, just less frilly ones.
Pink and purple became a large part of my wardrobe, alongside red and yellow and orange and green and blue. Bright colours to express my bright thoughts.
I wore mini-skirts and tights. It felt cool.

I think the latest trend is all black and white and grey.
It’s nice, but maybe not quite my style.
Let’s see, maybe I’ll grow into it

via Daily Prompt: Purple

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