Please, Just One Last Kiss

Please, just one last kiss
She entreated him as they
Parted at her house
Before he drove away
He rolled down the window
She ducked down and leaned in
Planted one on his lips
It made them both grin

Please just one last kiss
We won’t meet for two whole weeks?
It’s been 4 months of bliss
And he makes her knees go weak
But now she must leave town
Spend a fortnight all alone
While he is here, just waiting
For his girlfriend to come home.

Please, just one last kiss
It’s been the best reunion night
And now we’re back together
You’re back here in my life
But then he pauses, hesitates
Tells her the news he got
Then holds her close as they lie
Together, both in shock

Please, a lot more kisses
Why if this news is true,
The statement held for both of them
“I can’t live without you”
The next few weeks passed quickly
Every hour felt like a minute
Until this couple’s last day came
He’d no longer be in it

Please just one last kiss
She pulled him to her, close
Who knew when they’d next
Get more moments like those
He felt home in her touch
He was hers, she might cry
Now it’s time for him to leave
However would they get by?

She watched the news daily
Awaited letters or a call
Her heart beat faster out of fear
Whenever a bomb did fall
Till one day, she stood in black
Mourning this life most dear
Please, just one last kiss
She pleaded, letting loose a tear.

5 thoughts on “Please, Just One Last Kiss

  1. You said you were proud of this work. I say you should be!
    This is some serious heart -breaking poem. And me being this very emotional person and a sucker for poems and books, felt every thread of that emotion in this poem!


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