Pup in the storm

They try to tell me that it’s all right
That there is nothing to fear
I slowly convince myself to believe them
Until again I hear

That frightful noise! That crashing sound
That rips the sky apart
Instinctively my tail goes down
And under the bed I dart

I whimper and curl up in the dark
To escape that deafening noise
And nothing can draw me out of there
Not even my favourite toys

The whole family tries calming me
Until suddenly I see
The littlest girl, my very best friend
Is afraid, just like me

She shudders away from the noise
She cringes away from the light
So I know that I must be brave for her
I need to put on a fight

So I come out from my hiding place
I sit by her feet and I say
There’s no need for you to fear this storm
I’m with you each step of the way.


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