An Unusual Morning

I wake up to darkness
Like the sun didn’t rise
I crawl out of bed
Slowly blinking my eyes

It’s dark and it’s cold
My whole face is freezing
I hate winter weather
It’s got me coughing and sneezing

There’s silence around me
It’s all quiet and still
Then it breaks through the silence
A squeal that’s so shrill

That it sets my heart racing
As I pull on a coat
Wondering what could have happened
Is it due to the cold?

My brain hasn’t registered
What the date is today
If I’d been feeling better
I’d have cherished the day

I burst into the living room
Where under the tree
Sits my one year old grinning
And chuckling with glee

She’s surrounded by gifts,
And then it hits me
It’s my daughter’s first Christmas
I feel so happy

You’ve been a good girl
I coo into her ear
That’s why in the night
Santa’s been here!

We open the gifts
As we all sit together
Cherishing our family
(But I still hate the weather)

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