The ending of a life, before its time
Strikes us with sorrow and grief
We look back on their life, lamenting how
It was so shortlived, so brief.

But the passing of one who means a lot to us
Can have effects that run deep
It impacts our mind, all that we think of
It impacts what we eat; when we sleep

When you lose someone close, who mattered the most
It’s like a part of you has died too
So try all you like, it’s often quite hard
To muster the strength to continue

You may feel yourself sinking, gradually then fast
For nothing around do you care
Your interests, your hobbies, your passions have died out
Your only wish is that they were there

This never ending sadness, this feeling of woe
The despondency that you feel
Runs deeper than sadness, it’s termed depression
You’ll wish to, but find it hard to heal.

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