Life of a Bookworm

You first look at the cover and blurb
Have you heard of the author before?
Does it have good reviews, is it unheard of,
Or recommended by people you know?

Is it fantasy, romance or drama?
Fiction for me is a given.
Is it set in an alternate reality,
Or is it set in the world that we live in?

A single book, a trilogy
A series that is so vast
Is it something you’ll read for weeks on end
Or will it get over fast?

Will it make you laugh, will it make you cry
Will it stay with you forever?
Is it similar to something you’ve read before?
Or is it something you thought you’d never?

Making this choice is like testing water
Is it shallow or far too deep?
Should you take it slowly, ease into the book,
Or should you just take the leap?

Sometimes the surface is still as a pond,
But then when the going gets tough
Ripples are formed with the drop of a pebble.
And the waves get all choppy and rough.

A good book really draws you in
Makes you feel, and makes you care
You begin to associate with all the characters
You wish you that you could be there.

It would give you such pleasure to join all your friends
Just jump in the book for a day.
Or at a hard time, have them come and join you
All your troubles would just melt away.

Sadly this wish can’t really come true
But I won’t go so far as to say
That they don’t exist, because as we all know
They’re the realest, best part of our day.

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