Gods and goddesses, demons and furies
Ideas on what follows death
Mythical concepts and stories and theories,
Prophecies fulfilled with a final breath.

Myths are all stories, passed down through the ages
Telling us what to believe.
They could just be tales, to entertain us
Or explanations to provide some reprieve.

Through the world there are many cultures and religions
All with their own tales to tell
But which ones are right? Which really exists?
The underworld or heaven and hell?

The Greeks had gods a-plenty, 12 Olympians
Who had a seat of power in their godly parliament
Before them came the Titans and the giants standing tall
Their empire was great, but then it began to fall.

After Greeks came Roman warriors, mighty, strong and brave,
They had similar gods to whom different names they gave.
Zeus turned into Jupiter, Ares became Mars
They ruled the oceans, earth and sky, the moon and all the stars.

Across the world stands China, abundant in mythology
They stressed upon the importance of earth and all the trees
Dragons, pigs and monkeys all had significance
And the nature gods and deities had the most influence.

India too is full of tales, passed down over generations
All the stories are commonly known all throughout the nation
The Ramayan, Mahabharata, Puranas and the Vedas
All provide new deities, new demons and new ideas.

Egyptians had their many gods, each with an animal head,
Osiris, Isis, Ra; and Anubis the god of death.
They fought to maintain ma’at at all times, restore order, truth and laws
The Pharaoh kings all worshipped them, that’s the way it was.

Some people are cynics, they’re of the opinion
These stories are all fictional
They’d rather believe in science and maths
Than the mindset that’s traditional

I’m all for science, it seems pretty clever
But I’d never disbelieve myths
I like the idea of the supernatural
And these stories – everything fits!

So don’t be close-minded, give them a chance
Accept that they might be true
Read some mythology related books
And maybe you’ll believe it too.

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