poem for the magazine

I sat down one day
To write a short piece
To submit to the school magazine.
But my ideas were bad
The words were not flowing
It was like my mind had been wiped clean.

A friend of mine had been asking
For the past couple weeks
That I write an article she could edit.
She’s an editor you see,
And what’s bothering me,
Is that she does not get enough credit.

She spends hours in a day,
Running ’round with few others
Going to classes and begging for stuff.
But like me, lots of students
Give promises and excuses
Making her job pretty tough.

Just for my friend’s sake
I decided to try
To do what I needed to do
A few lines about school,
How I took piano lessons
And how I balanced the two

How hard could it be?
I chewed on my pencil,
And thought of a point, that I wrote.
Daily revision
And instrument practice
It’s easy, how I managed both.

As I began to describe
My time management skills
From the other room I heard my mum shout.
“Your homework is untouched
You need to practice the piano,
Now what are you writing about?!”

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