The Fire

Smoke thick as a blanket is clouding the air
Ashes grey and gritty are falling on my hair
The dusty smell of fire is tickling my nose
I watch the flames leap, as the fire grows.

A clumsy drop of liquid, a careless spill
It could happened to anyone, say what you will
But one thing is for sure, put together in a pair
Alcohol and matches make a deadly flare

I saw him there, drinking, in the late hours of the night
I saw him on the phone, as they began to fight
I saw him light the candle, trembling as he did it
And I saw the candle fall, and the carpet was alit

I wanted to do something to help him out of there
But somehow in the moment, all I could do was stare
It took the crashing sound of the doorframe falling down
To jerk me into action to try and get him out.

I can hear voices screaming, one of which is mine
And as the men rush in and out, I hope for a sign
That he survived the accident, that he will be alright
Then the stretcher passes by, and my head feels really light.

Now the room is dark and still, there is silence everywhere
But still my heart is thudding, and I am gripped with fear
I wish I could forget the things that I just witnessed here
I stand and hold my breath and fight back a tear.

Little do they know, it was me who caused the fight
Never will they know why he lit that light
I need to get past this, I need to remain brave
And keep this to myself; take this secret to the grave


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